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The innovation and continuous improvement of industrial technologies is one of the challenges and one of the hallmarks of BELLITALIA®. Developing the entire technology internally (from the design, machinery and moulds to the production of each single handmade piece), the company ensures accurate control over every stage of production of the pieces. This control is an assurance of quality that allows BELLITALIA® to achieve excellence in every object and detail. The sketches and ideas of the designers are subjected to careful controls and checks using the most contemporary 3D modeling technologies, which project management and design teams have at their disposal. The principal element of street furniture is design, on which BELLITALIA® has always focused. For this reason the company is advised by internationally renowned architects and works in collaboration with the most advanced research laboratories in Italy. BELLITALIA® is convinced that only a multi-disciplinary team of the highest level is able to meet the challenges of a market in profound transformation. That is why continuous research has resulted in a recent collaboration with the Department of Science and Engineering of Matter, Environment and Urban Planning at the Polytechnic University of Marche, SIMAU. The Department, among other areas of research, deals with the development of innovative materials for production processes, compatible with the needs of the environment. It works with the intention of promoting a strong interaction with the different components of public administration, industry and research institutions, through the development of research agreements, cooperation and technical-scientific consultancy. From the involvement of the University in the analysis and solution of real problems that directly affect society, research can provide stimuli and verification. Within this framework, the partnership with SIMAU, while allowing the push of BELLITALIA® design towards ever-increasingly interesting ideas, will finance young Italian researchers on areas of research and development and thus contributing to the economic and cultural growth of our country..