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Bellitalia holds a significant market share as regards “technical” production, that is production of concrete items useful to serve the urban sub-soil, and alongside this, in the last thirty years it has specialised in the production and sale of components for urban furnishings, designing complete lines in concrete, cast iron and marble stones.

The range of technical products including piping, channelling, drainage pits and extensions, Komplet bases, purification vats, manhole covers and drains, products for roads: indeed, all items invisible to the city user but essential to guarantee the necessary services.

From the subsoil to roads, squares, parks and gardens: Bellitalia addresses what is not seen but also everything that is seen, and habitually, indeed daily, uses in public areas the very items that compose the urban décor, offering a fan of ranges and products that serve to meet every kind of requirement, both functional and aesthetic.

The production of urban furnishings actually boasts numerous models of benches, flower boxes, parking deterrents, litter bins, urban hygiene items, bus shelters, fountains, bicycle racks and grilles for trees. Every proposal is completed by knowingly combining the best materials (concrete, marble, cast iron, steel and stainless steel, wood and copper) in order to satisfy varying requisites, even the most demanding. Bellitalia actually guarantees superior design and quantity, making use of patented innovative techniques.