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BELLITALIA® is particularly attentive to sustainability, the environment and clean energy by using a system of photovoltaic panels that cover the entire roof of the offices. The inert materials BELLITALIA® uses for the production of concrete are derived locally, coming from the area of the Dolomites surrounding the company, therefore fuel consumption and CO2 emissions arising from their transportation are minimized.

Materials from different Italian quarries which would otherwise have been discarded during the processing of the marble are recycled and used for the production of the precious stones conglomerate. This economical use of resources in the production process, such as the preference to use purified rainwater before that from the reservoir, the reduction of emissions, the use of recycled materials, and the use of wood from certified forests, all represent the strong commitment of BELLITALIA®’s substantial contribution to environmental sustainability. The concrete is also a versatile material, durable and 100% recyclable, and the number of times this compound can be reused is almost infinite. Employing it for their pieces, BELLITALIA® uses efficient technology for the entire life cycle of the product.