BELLITALIA S.r.l is the most established, dynamic and original Italian company operating in the field of urban concrete and marble aggregate. The company was born in the ’60s as a leader in the field of cement for construction. New challenges have allowed the company to constantly evolve and it has quickly developed a widespread distribution within the Italian territory.

During the ‘80s BELLITALIA committed to grow in the urban furnishings sector, thanks to a restructuring of the organisation and production, which was destined to change the face of the company.

The debut of the first collection entirely dedicated to furniture in urban centers became the famous classic line, still recognisable worldwide in the planters’ famous shape and in the unmistakable copper band, on concrete bollards, on benches, on bin baskets, and on the grating of bicycle racks.

It is this that has revolutionised and given form and content to the new concept of Urban Furniture, intended as a new way of living the public spaces of the city. Over time the lines have multiplied and new materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron and wood have been added to match the concrete, creating whole new collections.

The highlight of the BELLITALIA production came in 2006 with the birth of the precious stones line, a full range of pieces made of a marble aggregate that is still unique on the market, whose rich colour, texture and finishing characterise them as benchmarks on the international market.

In 2015 BELLITALIA began a major new challenge by developing the innovative formula Ultratense Concrete. This new material makes it possible to push design to the extreme, to increasingly complex and innovative lines, to shape objects that will once again mark a step in the history of Urban Design.

Bellitalia joins “The Placemakers”, giving life to the biggest industrial group of urban furniture in the world.