ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS: we aspire to become the first zero-emission urban manufacturing group. This requires an ongoing commitment to implementing new environmental sustainability practices.

A PATH TOWARDS ENERGY EFFICIENCY: the PLACE-MAKING is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We are responsible to make the urban spaces better, safer and more comfortable for people, but we are responsible for the environment that surrounds these spaces as well: the quality of air we breathe, the soil, the depletion of water. We believe that our ability to reduce our impact on the environment is just as important as how we make our products.

From the beginning we have been investing in renewable energy solutions. An extensive roof photovoltaic system consists of 7.384 solar panels of 1,7 mWp and, installed on the roofs of the group’s manufacturing facilities, fullfils the all energy need. This prevents the emission of about 5.000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, an amount of CO2 produced on average by 300 homes.

The aggregates used are locally sourced from the surrounding dolomitic areas, thus reducing our CO2 impact. We also use of purified rainwater, minimizing our consumption of aqueduct water. And we only apply eco- friendly treatments that do not pollute soil, water and are healthy for people who use them.

MINDUFUL USE OF PRECIOUS RAW MATERIALS: the conscious use of raw materials is based on two principles: efficiency and recycling.  Efficiency is about not using more resources than you need and maximizing the ones you already have. Recycling is about creating products that can be harmoniously brought back into the system. We have established special processes and protocols for the procurement of precious stones or PMD. The marble chips created by breaking giant slabs are recycled directly from quarries in Italy, including the Carrara area. Carrara’s marble has been made famous by Michelangelo, who used it in his most renowned sculptures, David and The Pietà.

The WPC material is sourced from suppliers who use only recycled wood fibres and thermoplastics to create this innovative material. Any residue produced during our in-house production process is further recycled and reprocessed into future products.

An in-house team is responsible for optimising raw materials so that they are not wasted.

All these initiatives are geared towards the group’s policy of “ZERO WASTE”.

100% RECYCLABE: the materials we use in our products retain their quality and purity and can be endlessly recycled to create new products and urban projects.

100% SUSTAINED WOOD: our wood comes from sustainably managed forests that do not contribute to deforestation and treat their workers fairly. Sawdust and shavings are also recycled from wood processing plants with carefully analysed and selected raw materials.

PRODUCTS THAT ARE MEANT TO LAST: one of the biggest differentiators of any product’s quality is its durability. We believe that better things should last longer… preferably a lifetime. It involves asking some important questions and begins as early as the design phase. We make sure that single components can easily be replaced without the need to disassemble the entire product. We calculate the thickness of the wood so that it is robust, we choose the materials, such as stainless steel and Corten steel, so that they are weatherproof without the use of additional treatments and without any maintenance.