Essentially every great urban project starts with the volumes of space that are transformed into iconic places of style, elegance and proportion. This can only be done if you look at it from different perspectives, such as people who use it, landscapes that surround it, and cultural context that it is immersed in.

We are honored to leave Bellitalia®’s mark in over 30 countries and have our products installed in some of the world’s most remarkable squares, parks, museums and university campuses.

Asymmetry creates dramatic design statements. It allows for differences and diversity to coexist within the same time and space. Asymmetry is not constrained by the traditional laws of perfection and is not subject to the classical rules of balance. But we’ve learned that with the right combination of style and skill it can be mastered.

Bellitalia® is a part of the THE PLACEMAKERS – the world’s biggest urban manufacturer that is exclusively committed to anticipating future trends and designing urban spaces that would enhance interpersonal connections, citizens’ wellbeing and human relationships.


STAYING “CLASSIC ” IN A WORLD FULL OF TRENDS: when it comes to concrete urban furniture your biggest dilemma should be this – How you make sure that the design will last as long as the product itself? While aesthetics change, classic never goes out of style. Being an Italian-born company, we are surrounded by pieces of art and architecture that have become timeless. We drive to design our products within the same canons of effortless beauty and classic design.

Bellitalia® is the global manufacturer of concrete urban furniture and landscaping solutions. Numerous of company’s products, designed around the fundamental principles of timeless beauty, exceptional quality and innovation of materials, have become iconic and can be found scattered throughout some of the most renowned piazzas, picturesque streets and city parks of the world.

Thanks to its versatility, strength and unmatched ability to combine function with form, concrete has become a hallmark material to ennoble urban spaces, transmit the sense of monumentality and create elegant and long- lasting solutions in different architectural and landscape contexts. Going a step further Bellitalia invented UTC® – a mix of UHPC that challenges traditional perception of concrete and it’s qualities. This groundbreaking material is 10 times more durable than traditional concrete, yet 5 times thinner. For these reasons UHPC has been widely used in contemporary architecture to transmit a sense of lightness and translucency, without sacrificing the quality.


We believe that by using technology in a creative way one can shape the architectural wonders of tomorrow. We also know that to do that, sometimes you have to break the mood: whether it means channelling the old ways or literally talking a cold and starting over. Believe us! We know. We’ve created over 500 of them.

The sketches and ideas of the designers are subjected to careful controls and checks using the most contemporary 3D modeling technologies, which project management and design teams have at their disposal. The principal element of street furniture is design, on which Bellitalia® has always focused. For this reason the company is advised by internationally renowned architects and works in collaboration with the most advanced research laboratories in Italy.

The collaborations allow Bellitalia® design to be pushed towards increasingly interesting lines and allows to finance young Italian researchers in research and development sectors, thus contributing to the economic and cultural growth of the country.


Bellitalia® has developed a technical capability and design flexibility that enables it to achieve customised products even on the most specific customer requirements.

Years of concrete and conglomerate processing, alongside the implementation of numerous special projects, have enabled the company to increase its results from the point of view of design, quality and durability, while widening communication channels with the customer.

The pro-activeness in the development of tailor-made projects has therefore become an integral part of the know-how of the company, with an internal working team specifically dedicated to the interaction with the customer and to the study of particular projects. This open-mindedness is considered a great attitude that the company uses to compete and grow in their skills, displaying an image of great flexibility and added value.


The passion that drives each new project is the energy, the fuel that drives the company to launch itself at new challenges. Each of the people within the company contributes to the success of the brand Bellitalia® with love and dedication.

At all levels of the production process, each product is developed and designed to simplify the work for the client, with the guarantee of getting the maximum durability and quality, reducing maintenance to a minimum, and allowing ease of assembly, placement and positioning, both with regard to the single product, and that of the components. 

It is our products that talk through the value of the materials, the beauty of the finishes and craftsmanship, attention to detail, functionality and customisation of models, environmental sustainability, innovation and openness to the younger generation: all values in which we recognize and which help to make Bellitalia® products unique elements of a Made in Italy, that stands out in the world.