UTC, the latest generation UHPC (ultra high-performance concrete), results from tho bonding of 12 raw materials to create an inert material that is 100% recyclable thanks to the total absence of resins and binders other than cement and stainless steel fibers. Resistance and durability are guaranteed by a homogeneous and compact matrix that combines the high performance of this material, values of compression that can exceed 150 MPa, and a tensile strength of up to 46MPa in richer mixtures, with an attractive appearance. This material benefits from a natural aesthetic – as in wood, where the varying tones lend a certain beauty to the surface that is “at one with Its structural characteristics. UTC can be made of different colors, to suit indivdual preference and setting, as a result of the bond in the mixture of colored oxides: while for the self-cleaning white option Bellitalia offers a rich mixture containing titanium oxide.